Sitemap - 2022 - The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 719 - Hundreds of brilliant students in Brooklyn need our help to study abroad in Africa. Let's do this!

Ep. 718 - The #1 reason Republicans refuse to denounce Donald Trump for dining with a Neo-Nazi bigot

(LISTEN) The #1 reason Republicans refuse to denounce Donald Trump for dining with a Neo-Nazi bigot :: Episode #718 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

(LISTEN) Donald Trump just dined with a literal Neo-Nazi and white supremacist. It's a dangerous normalization and escalation of bigotry in America. Episode #717 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

(LISTEN) The one solution for sports teams owned by open bigots :: Episode #716 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

HOLD UP! Herschel Walker just admitted on his taxes that his primary residence is in Texas. Episode #715 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

(LISTEN) Kyrie Irving NEVER needs to apologize again for sharing a link on Twitter. He has apologized more than enough. Episode 714 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

(LISTEN NOW) The Internet has made too many of us mean as hell :: Episode 713 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Democrats are going to have to quickly make some hard decisions about who all runs for President :: Episode #712 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

EMERGENCY. Conservatives in Pennsylvania just voted to impeach Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner. Episode 711 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Hello Friends! Today I am asking for your support.

Let’s talk about Donald Trump running for President…again. Episode 710 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 709 - The one MAJOR reason ALL of us need to help Raphael Warnock get elected in Georgia

I wanted to take a moment to just say hello and reintroduce myself

Black speech is CLEARLY being over-policed right now. LISTEN to episode #708 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

(LISTEN) Let's have a serious conversation about OWNERSHIP. Until we do, we will always live at the will and whims of owners

Ep. 707- Let's have a serious conversation about OWNERSHIP

(LISTEN NOW) On Tuesday, millions of Americans voted to KEEP SLAVERY as "punishment for crimes" in their state constitutions

Ep. 706 - On Tuesday MILLIONS of Americans voted to KEEP SLAVERY as punishment for a crime in their state constitutions.

(LISTEN) Let me give you 10 GOOD NEWS stories from the election yesterday! Episode 705 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 703 - Why I expect today will be a horrible day for Democrats across the country

(LISTEN NOW) Why I won’t be canceling Kyrie Irving :: Episode 702 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

3 lies that we must confront about gun violence in our communities :: LISTEN NOW to The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 701 - Can we agree on these 4 thoughts about gun violence? I'm searching for some common ground.

Ep. 700 - When the world is feeling overwhelming, don't watch the news 24/7.

Ep. 699 - 2 barriers that will prevent Twitter under Elon Musk from becoming a white supremacist haven

Ep. 698 - Democrats are losing on 2 key issues that are ALWAYS essential to voters

Ep. 697 - The Kanye West Rorschach Test

Ep. 696 - How Kanye West is causing a spike in Neo-Nazi hate and bigotry

Ep. 695 - I think we've put far too many of our eggs in the wrong basket

Ep. 694 - An emergency update on the condition of Kastellio Vaughan

I have to say this ONE important thing about George Floyd :: Ep. 693 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 692 - My #1 favorite school in the entire country

Ep. 691 - What’s happening in Los Angeles RIGHT NOW might be the most eclectic and effective coalition on the left we’ve ever seen

Ep. 690 - The 2 reasons I think the racist members of the Los Angeles City Council REFUSE to resign

Ep. 689 - 3 overtly racist members of the Los Angeles City Council must resign immediately

Ep. 688 - Why we can't simply ignore Kanye West

Ep. 687 - Herschel Walker may be the single worst candidate ever for the United States Senate

Ep. 686 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has taken the bitter & grumpy approach to being an elder

Ep. 685 - America will ALWAYS make a place for Black white supremacists

Ep. 684 - Why we must STOP saying NFL players "got their bell rung."

Ep. 683 - The NFL and the Miami Dolphins failed Tua Tagovailoa - and it could've cost him his life

Ep. 682 - Call and save THIS number to help save the life of Kastellio Vaughan.

Ep. 681 - Italy just elected a racist, fascist, ultra-conservative as their new Prime Minister. Here's why it should matter to you.

Ep. 680 - Let me explain what's REALLY happening to Kastellio Vaughn

Ep. 678 - 3 reasons you should care about the protests in Iran

Ep. 678 - I am increasingly convinced that police violence will never go away in our lifetime

Ep. 677 - All charges need to immediately be dropped against the revered executive Chaka Zulu

Ep. 676 - Why it's horribly wrong to trick and ship undocumented immigrants all over the country

What role does hip hop play with violence in our communities? Episode #675 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

GREAT NEWS! Prosecutors just dropped the death penalty from Marvin Guy's case. Episode 674 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 673 - Pennsylvania conservatives are trying to remove Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner from office

Ep. 672 - The murder of PnB Rock and the exhausting cycle of gun violence in America

Ep. 671 - If you don't know these 4 names, you are setting your own money on fire

Ep. 670 - When white racists say something is "too woke" they clearly mean it's too Black.

Why it stings to learn the US has given Ukraine $15.2 billion while Jackson & Flint don't have clean water: Ep. 669 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 668 - What Dawn Staley did was the single biggest boss move against racism in sports in a generation

Ep. 667 - 3 questions that prove Israel assassinated Shireen Abu Akleh. It was not an accident.

Ep. 665 - Of all people, a brutal cop with the NYPD was just given "restorative justice."

Ep. 664 - Police shot & killed 20 y/o Donovan Lewis in his sleep - 1 second after breaking into his bedroom.

Ep. 663 - West Point has a literal monument to the KKK and refuses to take it down!

Ep. 662 - Government prisons ARE also FOR-PROFIT

Duke University also miserably failed this student athlete : Episode 661 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Pennsylvania police shot & killed an 8 year old girl. Here's their strategy to get away with it AND how we can stop them. Episode 660 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 659 - It gets worse. Conservatives love the Vice Chair of the Democratic Party so much that they are throwing fundraisers for him.

Ep. 658 - Why does Louisiana have a lifelong ultra conservative Republican white woman leading the Democratic Party?

Don't be duped. The FBI has been HORRIBLE to Black people for generations :: Episode 657 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

We need to fund and build more monuments to brilliant Black leaders :: Episode 656 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 655 - Let me tell you about the single most corrupt DA's office in America

Ep. 654 - 4 great leaders that won their primaries last night!

Ep. 653 - Now that Trump and his country cousins are being held accountable, Republicans are calling to defund the police

Ep. 652 - Israel massacred dozens of Palestinian men, women, and children this weekend. With American tax dollars.

Bye Amy! Memphis just voted out the worst DA in America :: Episode 651 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 650 - Finally, a measure of justice and accountability for Breonna Taylor

I am going to return the pain back to those that have hurt my family :: Episode 649 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 648 - My raw thoughts on Deshaun Watson

You can now call 988 for mental health emergencies instead of 911 : Listen now to episode 647 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 646 - The single biggest factor impacting public safety in America? THE ECONOMY

It's time for Dave Chappelle to move on from the trans jokes. Ep. 645 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 644 - Pastors shouldn't be wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry. Let's start there.

Ep. 643 - Do NOT allow your frustration with Joe Biden to cause you to stop caring about LOCAL politics

Ep. 642 - Return all land stolen from African Americans back to the rightful owners and descendants

Ep. 641 - Police DO NOT make cities safer. Here are the 3 things that do.

Ep. 640 - The same organization that STILL refuses to give Buffalo victims millions of dollars is holding $14 million for Uvalde. And families are PISSED.

Ep. 639 - Let's help the dear family of Millie Packer today

Ep. 638 - Why are we ok with our taxes fully funding mass incarceration, but not education and healthcare?

Ep. 637 - Of course the US is leading coups around the world.

Ep. 636 - The devastating poll that should cause other Democrats to run for President

Ep. 635 - Reflecting on my Self-Care Journey

Ep. 634 - Israel killed an American journalist. The Biden administration chose to protect Israel.

Ep. 633 - Violence IS the primary brand of America

Ep. 632 - Akron Police basically executed Jayland Walker by a firing squad. He was unarmed.

Ep. 631 - Arrest Carolyn Bryant Donham IMMEDIATELY for the murder of Emmett Till - then figure the rest out later.

Ep. 630 - Incarcerated Black men were told by the government to register to vote. Then given additional jail time for breaking the law when they did so.

Ep. 629 - Joe Biden & The Democratic Party have failed to meet the severity and enormity of the moment we are in

Ep. 628 - Please support this retreat for Black fathers of police brutality victims

We need ALL listeners of The Breakdown podcast to please complete this quick survey

Ep. 627 - Joe Biden should NOT run for reelection

Ep. 627 - Joe Biden should NOT run for reelection

Ep. 626 - Inflation vs. Price-Gouging vs. Corporate Profiteering

Ep. 626 - Inflation vs. Price-Gouging vs. Corporate Profiteering

Ep. 625 - The January 6th Congressional Hearings are 16 Months Too Late

Ep. 625 - The January 6th Congressional Hearings are 16 Months Too Late

Ep. 624 - Families in Buffalo have not seen a dime of the money donated for them

Ep. 623 - Merrick Garland is a HORRIBLE Attorney General

Ep. 622 - A bittersweet day for justice

Ep. 621 - Today is the day San Francisco can stop the foolish recall of DA Chesa Boudin

Ep. 620 - We MUST take steps to protect ourselves from gun violence while politicians continue to fail us in every way

Ep. 619 - A very BIG change for The Breakdown podcast starting on next Wednesday

Ep. 618 - My honest, sobering answer on what I think is going to happen to address school shootings and gun violence in America

Ep. 617 - An important lesson my wife taught me

Ep. 616 - A retired federal agent was privately supporting the white supremacist terrorist in Buffalo

Ep. 615 - The mass shooting at Robb Elementary was a COMPLETE FAILURE of law enforcement from top to bottom

Ep. 614 - Action steps for confronting white supremacy…while holding a baby.

Ep. 613 - Meet Me Tonight For an Emergency Townhall

Ep. 612 - America clearly does NOT have a substantive plan to confront white supremacy

Ep. 611 - Important from Shaun King at the site of the white supremacist attack in Buffalo.

Ep. 610 - We're Going to Have to Do Something We've Never Done Before

Ep. 609 - What Israel did today is one of the grossest things I've seen in my entire life

Ep. 608 - The Assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh

Ep. 607 - The US Senate Passes Bills When It Wants To. Just Not For African Americans

Ep. 606 - I Don't Believe the Democratic Party Will Protect a Woman's Right to Choose

Ep. 605 - 4 things America would do if it actually loved mothers

Ep. 604 - Let's help Thomas James after he served 32 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit

Ep. 603 - One masterful thing we should all learn from Republicans

Ep. 602 - Let me explain last night's leak from the Supreme Court

Throwback Episode: We are the most incarcerated nation in the history of the world

Ep. 601 - I'm clearly living rent free in the head of Donald Trump Jr.

Ep. 600 - Why Elon Musk purchasing Twitter is mainly about white power and white control

Ep. 599 - Taking a week off of work and social media to be with my wife and kids

Ep. 598 - NYPD botched everything about the mass shooting, then took shamelessly took credit for solving it

Ep. 597 - The mass shooting on New York's subways CANNOT become an excuse for more police

Ep. 596 - America is a Deeply Violent Place

Ep. 595 - Grand Rapids Police brutally executed a young Black man named Patrick Lyoya.

Ep. 594 - Ketanji Brown Jackson is about to walk into a conservative lion's den on the Supreme Court

Throwback Episode: Building a Socially Responsible Portfolio

Ep. 593 - Why We Just Launched The North Star Publishing

Throwback Episode: Is Your Money Racist

Throwback Episode: 10 Ways to Defund the Police Today - Part 2

Throwback Episode: 10 Ways to Defund the Police Today - Part 1

Throwback Episode: Joe Biden is the Father of Modern Mass Incarceration

Ep. 592 - Stop Calling Joe Biden Your Damn Uncle

Ep. 591 - 4 things that concern me about what went down between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Ep. 590 - How do we measure success for Black America?

Ep. 589 - How to pronounce Ketanji

Ep. 588 - The most important part of Kentanji Brown Jackson's legal background

Ep. 587 - Why some people were upset at an HBCU for allowing Ukrainian refugees attend at no cost

Ep. 586 - Let's talk about Deshaun Watson

Throwback Episode: How to Make Police Brutality Illegal - Part 3 of 3

Throwback Episode: Graham v. Garner - Police Brutality is Legal - Part 2 of 3

Throwback Episode: Tennessee v Garner - Police Brutality is Legal

Ep. 585 - How to be consistent about human rights

Ep. 584 - I so badly wonder who and what Biggie would be if he was still alive

Ep. 583 - Mitch McConnell just did something evil AND brilliant. Let me explain.

Ep. 582 - He pointed his gun at police and didn't even get arrested.

Ep. 581 - When the US desperately needed moral authority on war crimes - it has none

Ep. 580 - My heart for refugees, widows, and orphans

Ep. 579 - What we are doing to help African immigrants caught at the borders of Ukraine

Ep. 578 - What I think about African immigrants being mistreated at the Ukrainian border

Ep. 577 - What we can expect from Kentanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court

Ep. 576 - Let me explain what "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" truly means.

Ep. 575 - 4 reasons we should care about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Ep. 574 - White people are effectively banning their own discomfort all over the country. Why I think we should be VERY concerned.

Ep. 573 - Israel's Apartheid Against Palestinians

Ep. 572 - Let me talk a little bit about love today

Ep. 572 - Joe Biden just literally stole $7 BILLION from Afghanistan

Ep. 571 - 2021 was the deadliest year for police violence ever measured

Ep. 570 - No. Joe Biden DID NOT allocate $30 million for new crack pipes in the Black community

Ep. 569 - What's truly needed are Black owned sports leagues

Ep. 568 - Amir Locke is Why We Need a COMPLETE BAN on No-Knock Raids

Ep. 567 - The Brutal Police Execution of Amir Locke

Ep. 566 - The price my family has paid for the lies of Deray McKesson

Ep. 565: All of us need to stand with Coach Brian Flores

Ep. 564 - Happy Birthday to Lee Merritt! + An update on what happened in court yesterday

Ep. 563 - How the DOJ is bungling one of the most important moments in modern American history.

Ep. 562 - This American city drastically increased their police budgets and murders still DOUBLED.

Ep. 561 - Why this Florida law making it illegal to make white people uncomfortable should concern all of us

Ep. 560 - Why Joe Biden is to blame for yesterday's voting rights failure

Ep. 559 - One key way we CANNOT respond to racism & bigotry

Ep. 558 - America is addicted to policing to solve EVERY problem

MLK 360

See you on MLK Day

Ep. 557 - Demystifying Therapy for Black Men

Ep. 556 - Will Joe Biden & The Democratic Party Actually Protect Voting Rights?

Ep. 555 - LAPD Officers Caught Playing Pokemon Go While a Robbery Was in Progress

Ep. 554 - Let me explain the shortcomings of identity politics

Ep. 554 - This is accountability

Ep. 553 - 1 Year Later

Ep. 552 - Killer Mike gave Joe Biden an F- for his first year. I'd give Attorney General Merrick Garland the same grade

Ep. 551 - Our Government is Clearly Afraid of Doing Hard Things

Ep. 551 - Police said crime was high because they needed more money. They got the money, but crime is the same and even worse all over the country.