Sitemap - 2021 - The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 550 - A painful prediction for 2022

Ep. 548 - Shame on Joe Biden & Senate Democrats for Putting Rahm Emanuel in the Administration

Ep. 547 - Michelle Odinet should never try another court case again. And she should be disbarred.

Ep. 546 - Joe Biden is about to foolishly start student loan payments back up at the worst possible time

Ep. 545 - Thank You!

Word.Life: A brand new podcast from Donney Rose (Writer/Chief Content Editor at The North Star)

Ep. 546 - The Wealth Gap of the Middle Class

Ep. 545 - Year-End Adult-ing Checklist

Ep. 544 - My first thoughts on the guilty verdict for the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery

Ep. 543 - Reflecting on the life and death of Virgil Abloh

Ep. 542 - I’m a bit more nervous on Day 2 of jury deliberations

Ep. - 541 - Can these 11 white jurors convict 3 white men of murdering Ahmaud Arbery?

Ep. 540 - You can literally be a black oppressor

Ep. 539 - Listen to these 4 clips of Malcolm X

Ep. 538 - Why simply telling people to "vote" is just not specific enough

Ep. 537 - Understanding the Inside/Outside Ways of Fighting for Change

Ep. 536 - American Police Exist to Advance White Power

Episode 535 - The lynching of Ahmaud Ahmaud Arbery.

Ep. 534 - Why I’m more encouraged today that the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery will be convicted

Ep. 533 - I am gravely concerned they might actually execute Julius Jones.

Ep. 532 - The Democratic Party is struggling at a time when they should be crushing it

Ep. 531 - I am gravely concerned about the trial of the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery

Ep. 530 - On the road today

Ep. 529 - Frustrated Black Voters + An Update on Julius Jones

Ep. 528 - Free Julius Jones!

Ep. 527 - The brutal, grotesque, barbaric execution of John Grant was quintessential America. And illegal.

Ep. 526 - I’m betting on myself.

Ep. 525 - Police FINALLY indicted for the murder of Jamarion Robinson

Ep. 524 - Black leaders are starting to build mass incarceration 2.0 in cities across the country

Ep. 523 - Police shot and killed this 8 year old girl. And her family needs our support.

Ep. 522 - I had low expectations for Joe Biden. Somehow, he’s failed to even meet those.

Ep. 521 - Here’s what happens when Black police speak out against injustice in their own departments

Ep. 520 - Here’s what happens when Black police speak out against injustice in their own departments

Ep. 519 - My biggest concern about jury selection for the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery

Ep. 518 - Go now to & call 405-777-7840

Ep. 517 - Why I think Kyrie should be able to play

Ep. 516 - Let’s talk a little more about the Dave Chappelle special

Ep. 515 - Jon Gruden just proved Dave Chappelle’s main idea

Ep. 514 - My Mental Health…and Yours.

Ep. 513 - Something just happened in Georgia that almost NEVER happens when we fight for justice

Ep. 512 - Climate change is real and it's impacting us right here, right now.

Ep. 511 - GoFundMe publicly confirms I've never stolen from anyone on their website

Ep. 510 - Free Marvin Guy

Ep. 509 - Tomorrow we are launching a campaign to save a Black man's life

Ep. 508 - Now that they have power, will the Democrats do right by us?

Ep. 507 - How much has our country truly changed since Rodney King was beaten 30 years ago?

Ep. 506 - Police don't make us safe

Ep. 505 - In the Black: Economic Wellness & The Pressures of Money

Ep. 504 - The Wealth Gap of the Middle Class

Ep. 503 - California town evacuates but plans to leave incarcerated people behind

Ep. 502 - Why everybody must stop comparing the coronavirus vaccine to the Tuskegee Experiment

Ep. 501 - The US was right to leave Afghanistan, but did an utterly horrible job exiting.

Ep. 500 - The State of Florida is Stealing Black Babies

Ep. 499 - 99 US Senators just came together for the most cowardly vote of 2021

Ep. 498 - I'm so glad that Cuomo will soon be gone as New York's governor. He was always this terrible.

Ep. 497 - Let's talk about Covid...again.

Ep. 496 - Thank You. Checking In.

Ep. 495 - Hood Eats: How Black Diets Influence Our Social Wellness

Ep. 494 - Listen to these 4 clips of Malcolm X

Ep. 493 - Police Brutality is Legal?

Ep. 492 - Guess the percentage of crimes solved by police

Ep. 491 - Cooperative Economics

The Magical Negro: Tackling the “Blacks Can Take More Pain” Theory

Ep. 489 - What is justice?

Ep. 488 - 30,000 Tiny Justice Systems

Honoring the Wives of the Movement.

Ep. 486 - Chicanas, Black Women, and Activism: A Conversation with Carmen Perez

Ep. 485 - The New Millionaire

Ep. 484 - Black Women Belong in Politics with Shanequa Moore

Ep. 438 - Your Money Mind

Ep. 482 - Black Blood: Modern Day Healing Practitioners

Ep. 481 - The Tulsa Massacre & Your Generation

Ep. 480 - Colorblind Solidarity and the War in the Middle East.

Ep. 479 - Trust Fund Baby

Ep. - 478 - My honest, transparent thoughts on anti-Semitism

Ep. 477 - Do you know what COINTELPRO was?

Ep. 476 - The Crisis of Christian Whiteness

Ep. 475 - Understanding the Inside/Outside Ways of Fighting for Change

Ep. 474 - The injustice of banning Sha'Carri Richardson from the Olympics and the overall anti-Blackness of the games

Ep. 473 - The truth on how Bill Cosby got free

Ep. 472 - Police in Arkansas just murdered an unarmed, non-violent white child.

Ep. 471 - What it feels like to be lied on by millions of people

Ep. 470 - Let's talk about the sentencing of Derek Chauvin

Ep. 469 - Victories, defeats, and lessons learned in New York yesterday

Ep. 468 - If Joe Biden believes police only have a few bad apples, he should prosecute them and prove it to us.

Ep. 467 - Mitch McConnell just said the quiet part out loud

Ep. 466 - Guess the percentage of crimes solved by police

Ep. 465 - I'm back! Thank you for your prayers & support!

Ep. 464 - Reparations for the Tulsa Race Massacre should be a no-brainer

Ep. 463 - Police don't make us safe

Ep. 462 - The ceasefire might've started today, but the Apartheid against Palestinians damn sure continued

Ep. 461 - The lynching of Ronald Greene

Ep. 460 - We Won!

Ep. 460 - We Won!

Ep. 459 - The most important election for criminal justice in our lifetime

Ep. 458 - Why we're not always seeing deep systemic change

Ep. 457 - 5 days away from the most important election of the year so far for criminal justice reform

Ep. 456 - Let's talk about Palestine

Ep. 455 - Jim Clyburn just crushed qualified immunity

Ep. 454 - Olympic Athletes Should Ignore the Ban on Black Lives Matter Gear & Protests

Ep. 453 - When a Monster Threatens to Sue You

Ep. 452 - New Takeover Episode from Rai King

Ep. 451 - I'm never going to stop raising money for these families

Ep. 450 - This needs to happen in your hometown

Ep. 449 - A setback in North Carolina but some good news in Georgia and Louisiana

Ep. 448 - Andrew Brown, Jr.

Ep. 447 - Where the Money Resides: Compound Interest

Ep. 446 - A real life supervillain is running for office

Ep. 445 - When Self-Care Means Walking Away with Amber Field

Ep. 444 - Is Your Money Racist?

Ep. 443 - A good day. A bad day. A victory. And a horrible loss.

Ep. 442 - Now we wait

Ep. 441 - The prosecution did their job. Now it's about to be in the hands of the jury.

Ep. 440 - Adam Toledo

Ep. 439 - Heard about the school shooting in Knoxville on Monday? It's not what you think.

Ep. 438 - I think we are entering a new dip

Ep. 437 - Kim Potter, Earle Brown, the KKK, and the murder of Daunte Wright

Ep. 436 - Daunte Wright

Ep. 452 - Why yesterday was the most important day of the Derek Chauvin trial

Ep. 434 - How much has our country truly changed since Rodney King was beaten 30 years ago?

Ep. 433 - WHM Special: Honoring the Wives of the Movement

Ep. 432 - The Prosecution was very good on Day 1 of the Derek Chauvin trial

Ep. 431 - George Floyd did not kill himself. He was murdered.

Ep. 430 - Let's Elect Tishaura Jones as Mayor of St. Louis

Ep. 429 - I'm going back to work

Ep. 428 - Go look at my Instagram on March 4th

Ep. 427 - Did you know that Philando Castile was pulled over by police a staggering 53 times? Every day, as he traveled to and from his government job, he was harassed by local police. And the 53rd time they pulled him over was his last.

Ep. 426 - Identifying with the pain of other cultures

Ep. 425 - Unpacking the coordinated attacks against us: COINTELPRO 2.0

Ep. 424 - COINTELPRO 2.0

Ep. 423 - Diabolical Republicans are passing horrible laws across the country

Ep. 422 - Can you volunteer for Gary Chambers today?

Ep. 421 - Merrick Garland is now the Attorney General. Now what?

Ep. 420 - I stand against hate & violence against Asian-Americans

Ep. 419 - White power, Meghan Markle, and The Bachelor

Ep. 418 - The Biden Administration Openly Supports Apartheid in Palestine

Ep. 417 - Don't you want a leader who fights for us in Congress? Here's what we can do!

Ep. 416 - Is it OK to make fake videos of our ancestors or heroes?

Ep. 415 - Got Money for Wars, But Can't Feed the Poor

Ep. 414 - Are we supposed to be silent when Democrats do wrong?

Ep. 413 - The Fort Wayne 3

Ep. 412 - One Year Ago Today a Black Man was Lynched in America

Ep. 411 - If Nazi's are still being arrested for the Holocaust, we need Carolyn Bryant arrested for the murder of Emmett Till

Ep. 410 - Ted Cruz Sucks

Ep. 409 - Why Texas is Struggling Right Now

Ep. 408 - With impeachment over, Trump can no longer be the boogeyman for Democrats

Ep. 407 - Did you know that I help lead an organization called Real Justice?

Ep. 406 - Have you watched the first few days of the 2nd impeachment of Donald Trump?

Ep. 405 - This change with policing in Denver needs to happen in every city in America

Ep. 404 - Man arrested in Capitol attack says he worked for the FBI

Ep. 403 - We only have 6 weeks to send Gary Chambers to Congress!

Ep. 402 - The one New Year's Resolution that I have kept so far in 2021!

Ep. 401 - White police would never brutalize a 9-year-old white girl

Ep. 400 - This is What Happens When We Come Together!

Ep. 399 - Let's buy Michael Thompson a new home together

Ep. 398 - GameStop, Robinhood, and how big money just tried to clobber everyday investors

Ep. 397 - My conversation with Michael Thompson after he was freed from prison today after 25 years in prison for selling weed

Ep. 396 - What Joe Biden's executive order on private prisons did and did not do.

Ep. 395 - How the deaths of Kobe & Gigi started off an unspeakably painful year of grief

Ep. 394 - America's justice system was built to protect white power - not interrupt it

Ep. 393 - Now that they have power, will the Democrats do right by us?

Ep. 392 - A conversation with Lecrae

Ep. 391 - The one reason I will have grace for President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris

Ep. 390 - 1 more day left of the Trump presidency. What’s next won’t be easy.

Ep. 389 - The MLK You Never Knew

Ep. 388 - They Are About to Get Away With It

Ep. 387 - Georgia's Senate Runoff - We Did It!

Ep. 386 - Make Phone Calls for Georgia With Me Today!

Ep. 385 - It's Official! Gary Chambers is Running for Congress.