Sitemap - 2020 - The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 384 - Married to the Movement: How to Campaign with 5 Kids

Ep. 383 - W.O.C. @ Work: Living Your Portfolio Life with Erica Hamilton

Ep. 382 - The Momentum Advisors: Opportunity Doesn’t Knock

Ep. 381 - America The Voiceless: Are Democrats Really Trying to Maximize Voter Participation?

Ep. 380 - Sick Empire: Homelessness & Rent Tension

Ep. 379 - Is the phrase "Black Lives Matter" becoming the new "Thoughts & Prayers"?

Ep. 378 - What is justice?

Ep. 377 - How to Process the Pain of 2020

Ep. 376 - My New Hobby

Ep. 375 - I'm going to get the vaccination

Ep. 374 - The People & Systems That Failed Brandon Bernard

Ep. 373 - The Murder of Casey Goodson

Ep. 372 - Change is Coming to New Orleans & Los Angeles

Ep. 371 - You Can Literally Be a Black Oppressor

Ep. 370 - Americans need direct cash support again. RIGHT NOW.

Ep. 369 - 10 Ways We Can & Should Defund the Police - Part 2

Ep. 368 - 10 Ways We Can & Should Defund the Police: Part 1

Ep. 367 - I've never asked my listeners to do this until now

Ep. 366 - About our meeting with the Biden-Harris transition team

Ep. 365 - You can breathe. This thing is OVER.

Ep. 364 - Florida Police Just Murdered These Two Teenage Boys

Ep. 363 - Understanding the Inside/Outside Ways of Fighting for Change

Ep. 362 - We Need Gary Chambers to Run for Congress!

Ep. 361 - Trump has quit even pretending he's President

Ep. 360 - As the coronavirus rages, Trump has quit pretending he cares

Ep. 359 - Let me tell you what Trump is really doing right now

Ep. 358 - Go now to

Ep. 357 - The only change we get is the change we fight like hell for

Ep. 356 - Trump Has Been Defeated! Now We Must Hold Joe Biden Accountable.

Ep. 355 - It just shouldn't be this damn close.

Ep. 354 - Joe Biden is On the Verge of Being Named President"

Ep. 353 - I'm feeling good about today. Here's why.

Ep. 352 - Tomorrow is one of the most important days in American history

Ep. 351 - The case to prosecute the cops who killed Breonna Taylor is NOT over

Ep. 350 - Somehow, this might be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen from the NYPD

Ep. 349 - If you know a Trump supporter, share this with them

Ep. 348 - Police Didn't Have to Kill Walter Wallace

Ep. 347 - The First Thing Democrats Must Do if They Sweep Election Day

Ep. 346 - My Prediction For the Presidential Election

Ep. 345 - A New Grand Jury Must Be Convened for Breonna Taylor

Ep. 344 - The Lekki Gate Massacre

Ep. 343 - 50 Cent fell for tired old lies from Donald Trump

Ep. 342 - The United States Helped Overthrow This Democracy. Yesterday the People Responded.

Ep. 341 - Do you live in Texas? Let's organize together!

Ep. 340 - Why we must all stand against police brutality in Nigeria

Ep. 339 - Are you nervous about the next 3 weeks?

Ep. 338 - Democrats Have to Play by a Fierce New Set of Rules

Ep. 337 - A social justice argument for saying that LeBron James is the GOAT

Ep. 336 - Why aren't these men being called terrorists?

Ep. 335 - What Kamala did very well last night + the fly and the eye

Ep. 334 - Tahanie Aboushi is going to change New York's justice system from the inside out.

Ep. 333 - How we can vote our way out of our worst problems

Ep. 332 - Jonathan Price & Why We Should Fight for All Victims of Police Violence

Ep. 331 - Does Trump really have the coronavirus?

Ep. 330 - Donald Trump doesn't just support white supremacists... he IS a white supremacist.

Ep. 329 - Today we will get to see the Breonna Taylor grand jury transcripts

Ep. 328 - The Breonna Taylor Case Must Be Reopened Immediately

Ep. 327 - The IRS itself has protected Donald Trump for generations

Ep. 326 - Here is what we can do next for Breonna Taylor

Ep. 325 - Who and what are responsible for the murder of Breonna Taylor

Ep. 324 - What today means for Breonna Taylor

Ep. 323 - The One Thing Democrats MUST Do

Ep. 322 - Pivoting from Election Day to Election Season

Ep. 321 - Can Americans Who Are Currently or Formerly Incarcerated Vote?

Ep. 320 - The Murder Rule

Ep. 319 - The Taylor Swift Test for Police Brutality

Ep. 318 - 30,000 Tiny Justice Systems

Ep. 317 - What's the plan?

Ep. 316 - What does it mean to be a modern day abolitionist? Part 2.

Ep. 315 - What does it mean to be a modern day abolitionist? Part 1.

Ep. 314 - Have you made a decision?

Ep. 313 - Let Me Teach You a New Term: Jail Churn

Ep. 312 - I need you to know this name: Damian Daniels

Ep. 311 - The Missouri State Senate just passed a dangerous bill rooted in nothing but white power

Ep. 310 - Oregon's Governor, a Democrat, is now working with Trump in disturbing fashion

Ep. 309 - The Racial Justice Act passed in California!

Ep. 308 - How to process the pain of 2020

Ep. 307 - Why simply telling people to "vote" is just not specific enough

Ep. 306 - One of the most important 24 hours in modern American sports

Ep. 305 - American Police Exist to Advance White Power

Ep. 304 - What is justice? A hard conversation.

Ep. 303 - Jacob Blake

Ep. 302 - Why I took my Instagram & Twitter accounts private

Ep. 301 - Squashing dissent from the left will push people away from Joe Biden

Ep. 300 - Is the phrase "Black Lives Matter" becoming the new "Thoughts & Prayers"?

Ep. 299 - Here's what they do to "good cops" who speak out on police brutality

Ep. 298 - This one step will drastically change policing forever

Ep. 297 - Listen to these 4 clips of Malcolm X

Ep. 296 - Does the 15th Amendment really give African Americans the right to vote?

Ep. 295 - Grief and Mortality

Ep. 294 - Are you going to vote?

Ep. 293 - MLK 360

Ep. 292 - Last night we had 2 historic victories and 1 crushing defeat

Ep. 291 - Make Change!

Ep. 290 - Hear me read the first excerpt from my new book, Make Change

Ep. 289 - Let’s Help Elect Jacquie Esser

Ep. 288 - 10 Ways to Defund the Police Today - Part 2

Ep. 287 - 10 Ways to Defund the Police Today - Part 1

Ep. 286 - What do mass incarceration and the coronavirus have in common?

Ep. 285 - Why we must all stand with the most hated Black woman in America

Ep. 284 - She needs to be the new District Attorney of Detroit

Ep. 283 - Unpacking the Tension Between Symbols, Systems, and Substance

Ep. 282 - One essential point that the mainstream media is missing about Portland

Ep. 281 - My honest, transparent thoughts on anti-Semitism in 2020

Ep. 280 - The one major change in policing that Democrats & Republicans agree on.

Ep. 279 - Happy Birthday Honey

Ep. 278 - Louisville arrested and charged 100 peaceful protestors with felonies, but still won't arrest the men who murdered Breonna Taylor

Ep. 277 - Joe Biden needs to go back to the drawing board on his justice plan.

Ep. 276 - Can you be a prison abolitionist and still fight for the arrest of the men who murdered Breonna Taylor?

Ep. 275 - A hard conversation about Robert Fuller, lynching, and mental health

Ep. 274 - Let's help elect Sybrina Fulton

Ep. 273 - If you live in these states, I am BEGGING you to take the coronavirus seriously

Ep. 272 - The true costs of white fragility & toxic masculinity

Ep. 271 - An alternative to police that is already working well!

Ep. 270 - A profound conversation with 3 District Attorneys

Ep. 269 - We are the most incarcerated nation in the history of the world

Ep. 268 - Today we are launching the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission

Ep. 267 - We Don't Need Police in Schools

Ep. 266 - Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement has DOUBLED. Now what?

Ep. 265 - How can you support the movement? Support transformational candidates!

Ep. 264 - A private Facebook group of law enforcement officers is literally plotting to kill me.

Ep. 263 - Change is Coming to the Democratic Party

Ep. 262 - The Crisis of Christian Whiteness

Ep. 261 - I need you to know this one stat about American policing

Ep. 260 - The most amazing justice breakthrough you've never heard of

Ep. 259 - How I get through overwhelming days

Ep. 258 - We don't have the luxury or privilege of only working with Democrats to fight for change

Ep. 257 -

Ep. 256 - So many badges hide bigots

Ep. 255 - Defund the Police

Ep. 254 - I need you to hear our new podcast Sick Empire

Ep. 253 - Tear them all down

Ep. 252 - I will respond to the lies with receipts one last time.

Ep. 251 - No Knock Warrants Must Be Banned. Here's Why & How.

Ep. 250 - Join today

Ep. 249 - From Tulsa to Minneapolis - Why History Repeats Itself

Ep. 248 - Having an abolitionist worldview

Ep. 247 - We must become abolitionists

Ep. 246 - Knowing How It's Built, So That We Can Tear It Down

Ep. 245 - The single most underrated civil rights issue of our time

Ep. 244 - Thank You.

Ep. 243 - New Info on the Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

Ep. 242 - How are you doing?

Ep. 241 Listen to these 4 clips of Malcolm X

Ep. 240 - Georgia must arrest William Roddie Bryan

Ep. 239 - Video Walk-Through of Breonna's Shooting & Talking with Essential Workers

Ep. 238 - Kenny Walker is a hero and also needs our help

Ep. 237 -

Ep. 236 - Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

Ep. 235 - Why we can't let up

Ep. 234 - The Breakdown LIVE - Deep dive into Ahmaud's case

Ep. 233 - It's OK to cry

Ep. 232 - Ahmaud Arbery was lynched.

Ep. 231 - New legislation from AOC to protect small businesses

Ep. 230 - American police have pushed people too far

Ep. 229 - How are millions of people supposed to pay their rent today?

Ep. 228 - & 770-800-0689

Ep. 227 - Was Diddy right about forcing Joe Biden to have an agenda for Black people?

Ep. 226 - We're demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Ep. 225 - #CouchCommencement for Fashion Institute of Technology

Ep. 224 - Trump may be the single dumbest President in American history

Ep. 223 - Are you racist?

Ep. 222 - Cuomo's inaction cost Leonard Carter his life

Ep. 221 - The Eulogy of Lucille Marie Scott

Ep. 220 - The Taylor Swift Test for Police Brutality

Ep. 219 - Who and what are you fighting for right now?

Ep. 218 - The US has always had the money for reparations

Ep. 217 - Why is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ignoring our calls to release Michael Thompson from prison?

Ep. 216 - Thank you Bernie

Ep. 215 - Is police brutality legal?

Ep. 214 - Congress needs to end their recess and get back to work - even if remotely.

Ep. 213 - Let me teach you a new term: Jail Churn.

Ep. 212 - This is not how a democracy works

Ep. 211 - What's happening today in Wisconsin is criminal

Ep. 210 - I need you to remember Tennessee v Garner

Ep. 209 - I am very disturbed by the new racial & demographic data on who is dying from the coronavirus

Ep. 208 - The life, death, and courageous words of Scott Ryan

Ep. 207 - What's happening with the coronavirus in America's jails and prisons is a form of genocide.

Ep. 206 - Tomorrow is going to be a very, very hard day

Ep. 205 - Today is the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment, but does it really give African Americans the right to vote?

Ep. 204 - Let's help free an innocent man BEFORE he's convicted plus updates on the horrible bailout package and student loans

Ep. 203 - Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo need to release more people from Rikers TODAY

Ep. 202 - Seven reasons why African Americans are at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus

Ep. 201 - A horrible case of déjà vu with the Democratic Party

Ep. 200 - Celebrating Episode #200 with some special messages from our listeners

Ep. 199 - We must have an agenda. If we don't, the one that gets set for us, will not be good enough

Ep. 198 - Trump and conservatives are about to left-flank and outmaneuver Democrats

Ep. 197 - Let's be mindful of how this moment is impacting children & teenagers

Ep. 196 - Your city needs to stop these 2 things right now.

Ep. 195 - Join our new team to help people impacted by the Coronavirus

Ep. 194 - Trump and America's governors need to release sick & elderly people from prison starting TODAY

Ep. 193 - Why it took Tom Hanks and the NBA to wake America up.

Ep. 192 - Colleges shutting down across the country, the election, and a police shooting in Raleigh

Ep. 191 - Coronavirus Special + Action Steps

Ep. 190 - The execution of Nate Woods is NOT a moment of closure.

Ep. 189 - Mourning the murder of Nate Woods

Ep. 188 - An innocent man is about to be lynched in Alabama

Ep. 187 - Recap of Super Tuesday + 1 day left to save Nate

Ep. 186 -

Ep. 185 - He's going to be executed on Thursday, but he didn't pull the trigger.

Ep. 184 - They arrested a 6 year old girl. Here’s what we can do about it.

Ep. 183 - The highs & lows of last nights presidential debate

Ep. 182 - Nobody belongs at Rikers - not even Harvey Weinstein + the remarks from Michael Jordan at the Kobe Memorial

Ep. 181 - Save this number in your phone please.

Ep. 180 -

Ep. 179 - Do you know about Myon Burrell?

Ep. 178 - Trevor Noah with a raw after-show moment on the brutality of Mike Bloomberg

Ep. 177 - Happy Douglass Day!

Ep. 176 - I will not exchange one brutal oppressor for another

Ep. 175 - #BloombergIsRacist

Ep. 174 - My take on Gayle, Snoop, Oprah, Kobe, and public grief

Ep. 173 - A murder w/ little evidence in Orlando, police abuse in Austin, and an update on voting in Iowa.

Ep. 172 - 3 days and Iowa is still up in the air

Ep. 171 - Iowa was a complete mess

Ep. 170 - Iowa begins voting and Joaquin Phoenix uses his white privilege

Ep. 169 - When Joe Biden began pretending he was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement :: Part 2 of 2.

Ep. 168 - Confronting the Cultural Appropriation of Joe Biden :: Part 1 of 2

Ep. 167 - Working overtime on a special story

Ep. 166 - Corrupt Chicago billionaire trying to buy the local justice system

Ep. 165 - Grief and Mortality

Ep. 164 - Brilliant Black boy suspended from school for his natural hairstyle

Ep. 163 - Letters for Michael Thompson and an update on Parchman Prison

Ep. 162 - Free Michael Thompson

Ep. 161 - Are you going to vote?

Ep. 160 - MLK 360 - Special King Day Episode

The Breakdown with Shaun King

Ep. 159 - LAPD is framing people as being in gangs

Ep. 158 - The Human Rights Atrocities in Mississippi Prisons

Ep. 157 - The most revolutionary civil rights action so far in 2020

Ep. 156 - When you threaten the status quo, all hell will break loose

Ep. 155 - Good news from Marshawn, Will Smith, and Chesa Boudin

Ep. 154 - Why Trump thinks he can assassinate foreign leaders in broad daylight

Ep. 153 - Happy New Year...Kind of