The Breakdown with Shaun King

A Daily Audio Podcast & Weekly Streaming Show

Join Shaun King on this daily podcast, as he unpacks the most important stories of injustice, racism and corruption and how you can fight back with action steps. With over 14 million listens & downloads, The Breakdown has been consistently ranked as one of the top news podcasts in the world.

The Breakdown Live - Thursdays On Twitch

Presented by The North Star, The Breakdown Live is the interactive companion piece to the wildly popular podcast, The Breakdown by journalist/activist Shaun King.

Live streaming weekly on, The Breakdown Live builds on the original show by serving up a longer-format, deep-dive analysis of the week’s most pressing cases of injustice, systematic racism and more.

With guest interviews ranging from campaigning politicians to essential workers and celebrities, the show not only speaks to the people, but WITH the people - adding an interactive Q&A format to grant viewers the ability to chime in and ask questions during airings.

The Breakdown Live airs every Thursday @ 3 PM EST @