May 13 • 54M

How to Build Wealth at Every Age

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The North Star
Join Shaun as he unpacks the most important stories of injustice, racism and corruption, but also tells you who's fighting back and how you can support and join them with practical action steps.
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Today, on The Breakdown, we're featuring another episode of The Momentum Advisors Show that was originally released on April 16th. This episode is all about building wealth at every stage of life. Whether you believe you're too young or too old, let me tell you, you're wrong. The Momentum Advisors dive into the key steps you can take at any age to create financial freedom and security. From your twenties to your sixties and beyond, they provide a comprehensive decade-by-decade guide on how to grow your wealth. It's never too early or too late to start building the life you desire. So, tune in and let's discover the strategies to make your financial dreams a reality at every stage of your journey.

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Love and appreciate you all.


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