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Shaun, War has been around from the beginning of time and it will be around in the end. It sort of like the alpha and omega of "Conflict" and because of man, greed, and most of all idealogocal differences there always will be dictators. Putin's reasons for invading Ukraine are unjust because no one looks at Russia as a destination spot for travel. I am surprised that the NBA and WNBA players even feel safe enough to go into their countries to play basketball because as we saw all it take whether it be in Russia or China is them to use them for polictical gains. When I served in the military we could not even go to Russia for pleasure because of the security clearance I possessed. At the end of the day, everyone "Europe" always sits on the sidelines when conflict begins but prior to that there is a build up and that's were "WAR" always fails the civilians that are collateral damage. During WWII, Hilter's forces made it all the way to Africa and occupied more that 9 countries. 600 million people lost their lives and MTG has the nerve to say the Holocust never happen to the Jews. This can not happen again! PERIOD

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