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(LISTEN) Let me give you 10 GOOD NEWS stories from the election yesterday! Episode 705 of The Breakdown with Shaun King

Yesterday absolutely turned out to be WAY better than I expected. We had some tough losses, but some pretty sweet victories across the country as well.

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Picture of the new Governor of Maryland, Wes Moore, celebrating at his victory party.

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Listen, it's a RARE day when I have 10 different good news stories to share, but today is THAT day.

Yes, we had a few very tough defeats, but the victories across the country were pretty amazing and actually surprising. We aren't yet sure if Democrats will be able to hold on to the House or Senate, but some AMAZING new leaders were elected to Congress.

Democrats took control of the entire state governments of Maryland, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

Amazing District Attorneys won. Horrible sheriffs lost.

Weed was legalized in more states. Slavery was removed from several state constitutions.

And much, much more!

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Love and appreciate you all.


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