Oct 28 • 11M

Ep. 699 - 2 barriers that will prevent Twitter under Elon Musk from becoming a white supremacist haven

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The North Star
Join Shaun as he unpacks the most important stories of injustice, racism and corruption, but also tells you who's fighting back and how you can support and join them with practical action steps.
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I am gravely concerned about what Twitter is going to become under Elon Musk, but 2 pretty concrete barriers are in place that I truly believe will prevent it from becoming a haven for racism and bigotry. Musk has called himself a "free speech absolutist" - which means he believes all speech, including hate speech and targeted harassment should be allowed. But that's actually not going to be possible - no matter how badly he wants it to be so.

Let me unpack and explain it.

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