Jul 26, 2022 • 11M

Ep. 644 - Pastors shouldn't be wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry. Let's start there.

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Did you see the video where the pastor in Brooklyn got robbed at gunpoint during a church service? I don't wish that on anyone. However, the truth is that it's foolish to wear a million dollars worth of jewelry ANYWHERE in public. And it's doubly disrespectful for a pastor in a poor and working class neighborhood to do such a thing.

Listen, again, I am not condoning armed robbery, but let me frame it another way. Would it be unethical for a man to walk down the middle of street in the hood with stacks of $1 million in cash? I say yes. It's inviting danger and it's tempting people who are struggling from day to day as it is. If you walked through the hood with a million dollars in cash in your hands, I would stop just short of saying you deserve to get robbed, but you damn near do.

Wearing $1 million in jewelry is the exact same thing. It's flossing. In the worst way.

Let me unpack and explain it. Listen to today's full episode here, and hundreds more, on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or at TheNorthStar.com.