Ep. 504 - The Wealth Gap of the Middle Class


While I'm on the road this week, the staff at The North Star will be playing some of our favorite episodes from some of our other podcast series. Today, here's the latest episode of The Momentum Advisors Show where they are breaking down the absurd wealth gap that exists within our modern middle class. I'm sure many of us will relate! It's a great one! Be sure to subscribe to them on your favorite podcasting platform!

Keeping liquid savings on hand in case of an emergency is one area where Americans of all income brackets are falling short--especially the "middle class." But what is this middle class? Is it defined by a salary range, household income, or aspirational possessions? And is being in the "middle class" all it's chalked up to be?

In this episode, we answer all these questions while addressing the wealth gap of the middle class and how to thrive in it.