Ep. 410 - Ted Cruz Sucks


Maybe it's because he has been in the shadows of Donald Trump for the past 6 years, but DAMN Ted Cruz sucks.
This man is a monster and doesn't really get enough credit for how truly horrible he is. Now listen, I didn't expect him to have the heart required to stay home and serve and help his state as they suffer through a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm. The man has proven over and over again that he doesn't have the heart to help people who are hurting, but you'd at least think he'd have the political sense to know that taking a damn vacation to Cancun while people in your state literally freeze to death is bad optics.

But here's the thing - the bottom line - conservative voters have taught their leaders that nothing matters. Of course, Ted Cruz thinks he can go on vacation to Cancun while people freeze to death - because conservative voters have already announced, with their support of both him and Trump, that character and integrity and values no longer matter to them.
Let me unpack and explain it.

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