Ep. 409 - Why Texas is Struggling Right Now


As I speak, millions of people in Texas are without power, heat, gas, and water. People are literally dying. And hungry. And freezing.

And politicians like Texas Governor Greg Abbott somehow have the time to go on Fox News and blame Democrats and policies like the Green New Deal.

But here's the thing - Texas is literally controlled by Republicans on every level. The Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, and both Senators are all conservative Republicans. And when stuff goes wrong in states controlled by Democrats, those same people blame Democrats - as they should.

But now they refuse to own the crisis.

That's leadership failure 101.And what's happening in Texas is basically what you get when your state's leaders pretend that global warming is a hoax, refuse to invest in public infrastructure, and instead allow corporations to take over the entire power industry so that they can get filthy rich.

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