Ep. 407 - Did you know that I help lead an organization called Real Justice?


I am going to spend more time unpacking and explaining for people the work that I do as a civil and human rights leader. I am the Co-Founder of @RealJustice. It is possibly the most impactful work of my life. We are the single most important organization in the nation that focuses exclusively on electing District Attorneys across the country. After we elect DA's, we partner with them to help them keep their campaign promises. We support them as they are attacked from every side. We consult with them through difficult decisions and policy battles. If you didn't know this, we helped to elect the new DA's of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, San Antonio, and nearly 20 other cities across the country. Those DA's have now made radical shifts in each of those cities that we have helped to guide and inspire. I speak to our DA's almost daily behind the scenes. Our staff supports them 24/7. I'm not flexing here. I am trying to educate you on the work that I do.

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