Ep. 396 - What Joe Biden's executive order on private prisons did and did not do.


Yesterday Joe Biden issued an executive order on private prisons. And the support of it went super viral with verified accounts and even leading media organizations saying "Joe Biden ended private prisons." They were wrong. Very wrong. And it's not Joe Biden's fault as much as people really got ahead of themselves without actually reading the executive order itself.

First off, over 90% of private prisons function on the city, county, and state level. All of those will remain.

Secondly, the majority of private prisons on the federal level are immigration detention centers. Joe Biden decided not to end those either. He's keeping those.

Lastly, we learned that he's not even ending the few private federal prisons that do exist. The executive order just said they won't renew their contracts. Many of them have contracts that last for years on end.

So, nobody is being freed. No city, county, or state private prisons are ending. No private ICE detention centers are ending. And they aren't closing down the others any time soon either.

In the end, that executive order will hardly impact anyone. Sadly.

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