Ep. 375 - I'm going to get the vaccination

Listen now (15 min) | Today in the United States, essential workers and others are starting to receive the coronavirus vaccination. I come from a community of people who are rightly skeptical of everything about the American healthcare system. I agree with them that this system is predatory and has a long history of abuse and profiteering. That's why I am understanding of people who just don't accept the vaccination at face value. I've read the studies. I've talked to epidemiologists. I've talked to public health experts. And I live in one of the most impacted communities and cities in the world where we need real help. If you are a part of a community that still doesn't believe that the coronavirus is real - then it will be hard for us to have a smart conversation together. However, if you know it's real, but just don't trust the system, then let's talk. Feel free to push back. I'm OK with that. Love y'all and need us to bounce back from this.

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