I am going to return the pain back to those that have hurt my family :: Episode 649 of The Breakdown with Shaun KingListen now (10 min) | I tried the high road for a long time. It doesn't work.
You can now call 988 for mental health emergencies instead of 911 : Listen now to episode 647 of The Breakdown with Shaun KingListen now (8 min) | I have a dozen friends working on this system across the country. It's not perfect, but it is WAY better than calling 911 in a…
It's time for Dave Chappelle to move on from the trans jokes. Ep. 645 of The Breakdown with Shaun KingListen now (13 min) | I say this as a lifelong fan of Dave.
Ep. 643 - Do NOT allow your frustration with Joe Biden to cause you to stop caring about LOCAL politicsListen now (11 min) | Who the president is, absolutely matters, of course, but not so much that when the president sucks, you give up on politics…
Ep. 433 - WHM Special: Honoring the Wives of the MovementListen now (20 min) | Rai King takes over The Breakdown to talk about the lives and legacies of some of the most important women in the Civil Rights…
Word.Life: A brand new podcast from Donney Rose (Writer/Chief Content Editor at The North Star)Listen now (2 min) | Trailer episode for new TNS podcast centered on revolutionary literary art and music!
Ep. 574 - White people are effectively banning their own discomfort all over the country. Why I think we should be VERY concerned.Listen now (12 min) | One tool of the oppressor is to throw so much oppression your way that you can't possibly be effective at fighting back any of it…
Ep. 627 - Joe Biden should NOT run for reelectionListen now (12 min) | Right now, potential candidates for the Democratic and Republican nominations for President of the United States are all working…
Ep. 609 - What Israel did today is one of the grossest things I've seen in my entire lifeListen now (10 min) | Today, in the funeral procession of assassinated Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the police of Apartheid Israel…
Ep. 563 - How the DOJ is bungling one of the most important moments in modern American history.Listen now (21 min) | As you may have seen, the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery were given a plea deal by the DOJ on federal hate crimes charges and…
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Ep. 625 - The January 6th Congressional Hearings are 16 Months Too LateListen now (12 min) | Better late than never? Maybe. But the new congressional hearings that are underway on the January 6th white supremacist…